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Business Investigation

①Commercial Due Diligence Investigation——
Through ascertaining the internal and external environment of the target company, due diligence investigation helps clients to understand its background, supply chain and market trend, and indicates the industry status and future development prospects via data analysis. And by our further investigating and analyzing the internal operation management, major risks and compliance threats can be forecasted, in preparation for value increase after investment or integration strategy planning after merger.

②Duty Encroachment Investigation——
Duty encroachment investigation can present a comprehensive understanding of the actual situation of the target company or employee, including their professional background, job compliance; senior executive’s authority and management process etc., so that benefit tunneling, illegal transactions and fraud can be revealed in time for employment risk control and better operational management.

③Pre-litigation Investigation——
In-depth investigation and evidence collection against the target company or individual before litigation enable the finding of encroachment proof and hidden asset clues, so as to consolidate the evidence chain and ensure successful execution.

④Customized Commercial Investigation——
Commercial investigation can also be customized to fit client’s strategic demand by periodic reviews and consultation with clients to ensure our solutions in line with client’s expectation and client’s acknowledged reputation in the industry.