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Patent lawsuit of a Swiss processing company and be compensated for RMB 400,000
      Regent conducted the investigations in China for safeguard to a Swiss company’s patents rights who specialized in researching and developing timber processing and connecting. At the beginning of 2015, upon the instruction of the client, Regent carried out the investigation against the situation of producing the infringing patent products by a processing factory in Dongguan City. 
      Through on-site investigation and acquisition of samples, we confirmed the infringing facts promptly and grasped its production situation. In March and June of 2016, we carried out two notarized purchases respectively and fixed infringing facts under the notaries' witness.
      In August 2015, based on the notarized samples obtained, the attorneys of Swiss processing company filed four infringement lawsuits against this infringing factory located in Dongguan to the Intellectual Property Court of Guangzhou City, which involved in two products and four patents.
      Ultimately, under the active mediation of lawyers, the infringing factory recognized the infringement positively and was willing to cease the production of infringing products, destroy the inventory, delivery the production molds and pay for the economic losses of RMB 400,000 to the brand holder. All the molds were handed over in August 2016.