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Raid actions against multiple associated dens at mid-night, and seized over ten thousands of counter
      A famous Japanese watch brand authorized us to conduct Infringement Investigation, and we conducted a overall investigations in the high risk areas in Guangdong, where we found the suspected infringing targets in Nanhai District, Foshan City.
      Through the investigation of our huge informant network platform, we found that a factory located in Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan was suspected for production and sales of a large number of various counterfeit brands watches. Immediately we carried out in-depth investigation and monitoring to find out the target contained multiple dens: Assembly Workshop – Packaging site – Warehouses. Once orders were received, assembling were arranged in the factory at once, and transferred to the nearby den for packaging, then kept in the warehouse. All of the above arrangement was made orderly and carefully.
      During the investigation, we confirmed there were over ten thousand pieces of counterfeit watches on site. In addition to our client, there were also many other famous counterfeit brand watches that were soon to be delivered. Provided that fakes were being flowed into markets, ,they would bring a serious impact on the right owners’ market share as well as their economic interests. Besides, there will be a risk of no evidence for a positive and effective action. Under such urgent situation, we reported the infringement target to our clients immediately and obtained their action confirmation to take criminal actions against the target.
      In November 2016, we immediately contacted the local PSB authority to arrange the raid actions. As the target combines 3 dens, in order not to alert them before any actions, the enforcement authorities decided to raid the dens: assembly factory - Packaging - warehouse at the same time at that night after discussion. Our company also sent investigators for assistance.
      During the raid action, over ten thousand of counterfeit brand watches were seized and 5 suspects were detained on the spot by the PSB. In this emergency case, we cooperated with the enforcement authority to complete a successful raid action, which won a high degree in client recognition.