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United with several well-known brands to conduct criminal raid action
      Several international brand owners authorized REGENT to deal with intellectual property rights issues involved in counterfeit products. Our investigators found that the target factory located in Guangzhou was suspected of massively producing counterfeit swimwear with more than 5000 pieces, and a batch of relevant trademarks hangtags.
      The swimwear products in this target factory were of various styles, but all of them were imitations. Those products were sold to the domestic market and also exported to abroad.
      We reported the infringement situation and clues to the clients, upon receiving instructions, we carried out the preliminary monitoring. In order to preserve the infringing evidence of the target, we also had conducted the notarization against the infringing links and the infringing content of target website. In April 2014, our representatives along with the Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou arrived at the target factory. The enforcement officers of Public Security Bureau entered this factory to carry out the inspection after showing a search warrant and stating the reasons. More than 5,000 counterfeit brand swimwear products were seized, the value of them reached up to RMB370,000

      As the factory owner Ma could not provide any legitimate source of those products or any brand authorization documents, the enforcement authority confiscated the above products and detained 3 suspects including Ma on the spot with issuing a detention warrant.

      Afterwards, the Public Security Bureau filed the case and investigated the related circumstance, formally arrested 3 suspects who were handed over to the court later. In October 2014, Panyu District Court judged Ma to be sentenced to 3 years and a half in prison and be imposed a fine of RMB 190,000. As to the other 2 related respondents, one was imposed a fine of RMB 20,000 and sentenced to 11 months’ imprisonment, another was imposed a fine of RMB 5,000 and sentenced to a half year’s imprisonment. Thereafter, Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court dismissed the appeal of the criminal suspects on November 2014, and maintained the original judgment. REGENT followed the whole process of this case, and gave feedback to the clients about the related progress in time, which won high recognition from the clients.